Leaf Cleanup Tips

4 Fall Leaf Cleanup Tips

Fall is here! We hear the leaf blowers running by homeowners on Saturday mornings, trying to clean up their yards. If you are like myself, it seems to be a job that never ends. I rake and then I rake again, those leaves keep appearing. Check out some great tips on managing your leaf cleanup this season!

  • When to remove leaves
    Leaves need to be removed in the fall because they block the sun – an essential ingredient to maintaining growth and development of your lawn’s health.  It is recommended that you remove leaves weekly so that the lawn isn’t deprived of sunlight. While raking is the most common method, there are alternatives. You can use a leaf blower with an attached leaf collector or add mulching system to your mower to make the job easier.
  • Mulching
    Riding lawn mowers with mulching options lets you chop up leaves and blow them back into the turf. This has the benefit of not only taking the work out of leaf removal, but the mulched leaves provide a nutrient-rich boost to the soil.
  • Good Equipment
    Purchasing good equipment to maintain your lawn is an investment for your home. Many of these tasks are much easier done with equipment such as mowers, blowers and tractors (if your yard is very large). These tools will save time from completing them manually and less wear and tear on you!
  • Kids
    Piling all those leaves can be a chore but picking them all up can be work too. This chore calls to put the kids to work! Leaf pickup is a great chore for the kids. Start them with rakes and work gloves to protect their hands—and let them learn the old-fashioned way. Don’t forget to give the multiple leaf bags to get the work done right!

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