Design your own Kitchen on a Budget

In order to design your own kitchen you first need to do some research and narrow down your choices when it comes to the style. There are a number of kitchen layouts to choose from and the type you choose should blend well with the overall style and design of your home and fit your cooking needs.

Popular Layout Options

The L shaped kitchen featuring a central island is one of the most popular layouts. While this layout works the best in home’s that offer a lot of space, there are many variations that can allow this type of kitchen layout to fit almost any style of home.

If you want to design your own kitchen but you’re tight on space, the single galley kitchen is a great choice. Ideal for small apartments and open lofts, this type of layout is usually the only solution available. It also stands out as a simple single wall design and one that’s affordable.

The U shaped kitchen is ideal for the busy cook because it’s designed to keep everything needed within reach. This type of kitchen design also includes a peninsula. Some versions of this design will feature the fridge on a wall outside of the U. This keeps the fridge inside the work triangle and frees up room for counter space.

Galley kitchens are known for their efficient and simple pattern: the range, prep area and sink stand in a single line, with the prep area designed within equal distance from the cleaning and cooking spaces. Modern galley kitchens can be a little more flexible. Simple adjustments such as adding more seating, removing or adding a wall can allow this design to blend well with the rest of the home.

The ultimate design consideration for most kitchen layouts is the work triangle. It’s important to reference the work triangle when remodeling a kitchen, but it may not be the best solution for every layout. Instead, when designing your own kitchen, focus on what works the best for you and be sure that the route between each work center is as direct as possible.

Your kitchen should be a space that’s comfortable and easy to use. A kitchen is a high traffic area. During the design process consider things like door sizes, counter height and cabinet types in order to make them more accessible for everyone in the home.

Prioritizing your Kitchen Remodel Budget

Your next and most important consideration will be your budget. Can you afford to hire a team to remodel your kitchen or at the very least an assistant contractor? Are you willing to spend less money on the floors in order to afford high quality granite countertops? Consider where quality really matters. Are the appliances the number one priority? Can old cabinets be refaced in order to put money towards building an island?

Designing like a Pro

Never try to remodel a 1950s ranch style kitchen into a modern cook space. Every home is built in a certain kind of architectural style. Instead of working against that style, try working with it. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending way too much time and money doing a complete overhaul.

As far as trends go, there is always something new going on in the world of kitchen improvement. Do your research and stay on top of the latest improvements and trends, you may just be able to find a more eco-friendly and affordable version of the hottest looks.

Avoid moving gas and water lines in order to accommodate the reconfiguration of stoves, ovens, dishwashers and sinks because it’s extremely costly. This is especially true in older homes. In order to keep some cash in your pocket, keep any pipe connected elements where they are.

If you have saved up enough to rearrange your appliances, be sure to keep the floor plan in mind. Is the dishwasher next to the sink? Does the floor plan follow the natural triangular traffic pattern between the oven, stove and fridge? If you don’t focus on keeping a convenient and well thought out arrangement, you could end up with one nonfunctional, chaotic setup.

While it can be tempting, avoid getting rid of your existing cabinetry. If your cabinets are in good working order and they’re made from quality wood, then it just may be your lucky day considering cabinets are probably one of the most expensive components to replace. It’s actually pretty simple to salvage your cabinets and give them a much-needed face lift. A few of the most common ways to save thousands of dollars on cabinetry includes: repainting, adding new drawer fronts and new doors or re-laminating the sides and fronts.

All your existing cabinetry should be lightly sanded and cleaned, then painted.

Most home improvement stores carry an extensive selection of cabinetry hardware. Choose new pulls and knobs that complement the architectural style and don’t skimp on the price. This type of added touch can really tie a room together. Also, be sure to replace and remove any old hinges that have been painted over. While this step is time consuming, it’s very inexpensive and it can make a huge difference in the kitchen.

If you don’t have much experience with remodeling, visit your local home improvement store for free computer based design services that can give you a number of options when it comes to choosing a layout. Employees can also provide you with tips and advice regarding your remodel and they usually stay on top of the most current remodeling trends.

When you buy a new dishwasher, range and fridge be sure to stick with the same manufacturer. Fortunately, most of the leading manufacturers have produced affordable, great looking lines of appliances that include matching sets. With some smart shopping and a little research, you can definitely find lower priced appliances that look like they’re high end. When all of your appliances match, you’ll get a pro designer look at a more reasonable price.

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