6 Smart Ways to Make This Winter More Easier

If you are in the Northeast today, you witnessed the snow coming down this morning. While we can’t escape the cold weather winter; we can at least try out these sure ways to make the cold weather a bit more enjoyable.

Drafts, Get Rid of Them

Sometime we walk by our kitchen door and our feet get suddenly cold. That is a sneaky little draft coming in from under your door. You can purchase a draft snake or bunch up some old towels and place it at the bottom of the door. This will keep your house warmer, heat bill under control and feet happy!

Pipes Freezing

Even the newest of pipes can freeze or burst under severe cold weather conditions. A good tip is to spray a good coat of WD-40 on the exteriors and joints of pipes. This will help the pipes from freeze damage and you as the homeowner from a lot of headaches!

Frozen Car Door

This hack includes WD-40 too! When you car door is jammed and you are unable to get it, spray a good layer of WD-40 on the lock and the key and you will witness you opening the door right before your eye. It is a lifesaver!

Icy Car Windows

Don’t waste your time with the ice scraper anymore. Fill a spray bottle with 75% vinegar and 25% water. Mix it up and start spraying the window surfaces. You will begin to see your car windows clear up in no time!

Sweep vs Shovel

When the snow is falling and is nice and fluffy, use your broom to sweep it away from your steps or deck. This is less stressing on your muscles and will have the same end result. A clean surface!

Automatic Starter

I have entertained the idea of getting a car starter for many years, but this year I am just going to do it. Waking up and going out to warm up the car and clean the snow is a task. Make this winter more easier with investing in an automatic starter. The car will be toasty warm waiting for you every morning!

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