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DIY How to Build Cabinets

How to build cabinets for storage can be an affordable option to decluttering your home. This type of easy do it yourself storage can complement any room. A two door cabinet is a classic design that’s been around for years. You can use a variety of materials to make the panels, including plywood, metal mesh or glass, adding a nice personal touch that will blend well with the other décor in your home.

Two Door Storage Cabinets

This project doesn’t require the skills of a professional carpenter, but you will need to know your way around a table saw and a few other woodworking tools.

The first step in the cabinet building process is cutting the wood. Begin by cutting the wood for the sides of the cabinets, shelves, cleats, bottom and top. You can use either a circular saw or table saw for this job. Now clamp a couple panels together for a bigger surface, routing the rabbet for the side and back panels. Next, use a router to cut the rabbets located on the inside edges of both side panels. Now some holes need to be bored for the shelf pins.

Four pocket screw holes will need to be bored into the bottom using a pocket hole jig. Next, drive the pocket screws from the bottom and into the cabinet sides.

The cleats need to be cut in order to fit between the cabinet sides. Use countersunk screws for the sides driving them into the cleat ends. The case box can be completed by cutting the back panel and nailing it in place.

You’ll need four pieces of wood for the face frame. These pieces need to be crosscut. Glue these pieces, nailing them to the case.

Next apply hardwood edging on the top panel, placing the top of the cabinet into position. Drive the screws into its bottom.

The doorframe pieces will need to be rip and crosscut. You can use a router and rabbeting bit for this job.

A pair of pocket screw holes will need to be bored at the end of the door rails. Next, drive the screws. Use a pocket screw plug and some wood glue, inserting a plug into each hole.

Now comes the fun part. Choose the type of panels you want to use and cut them to size. The panels should be set into a rabbet cut.  The back of the door should be secured with glass door retainers and held with screws. Fasten hinges to each door and put the cabinet on its back. The doors can now be set.

Fill any holes in the wood using wood putty. If you’d like to pain the cabinet, make sure you first use an oil-based primer. After it has dried apply two coats of oil-based paint in the color of your choice.

More Home Storage Ideas

Whether you live in an older home that’s really short on closet space or you’re simply trying to organize the storage space you do have, the first step is to get building, because regardless of how much space you have at the moment, you can always use more.

If you don’t have a large bedroom set or closet, storage in your bedroom can get a little tricky. If you’re guilty of storing clothing and other personal items in plastic bins stored under your bed it’s time to consider an attractive option like a storage bench, which can be left out in the open and admired by all. Storage chests are pretty easy to build and allow you to store your belongings in style, plus you can easily match the wood to the other décor in your bedroom for a more custom look.

For those of you that have a mud room, you know how filthy, disorganized and messy they can be, especially during the winter months. A bench specifically designed for mud rooms can be a fun project that’s highly functional for you and your family, all year round. You can use cheap lumber such as plywood and paint it, using layered moldings and add coat hooks, an open shelf on the top and a flip-top bench. This classic addition can make your entryway look more welcoming while also protecting it from everyday wear and tear.

Who doesn’t love a functional ottoman? Ottomans are adored because they have a number of uses from serving as a footrest, extra seating or a coffee table. Models that feature under-lid storage are essential for homes that are short on space and they’re also the perfect place to stash blankets and magazines. You can customize the upholstery to match the décor in your home and use a stain resistant fabric that protects it from children and pets.

If you’re an apartment dweller who enjoys a glass of wine after work, then building your own countertop wine rack will be a fun product that will come in handy when you’re entertaining or just stocking up on the good stuff. If you’ve shopped around for a small rack and felt that your choices were pretty limited, then you’re not alone, not to mention the wire models sold definitely look a little cheap. You can make your own elegant yet simple wine rack and choose the style, wood type and finish to give it a rustic or chic look for whatever best suits your home.

Need more storage space for your desk or your child’s? This can be an easy and affordable project, especially if you purchase a used desk and decide to give it an upgrade. If you don’t have a dedicated spot for stashing loose stuff or paying those bills, then a good desk with lots of storage is a must. Buy a secondhand solid desk and add shelves to the top or cubby holes on the side. Add new knobs and pulls to the drawers for a hip look. If you decide to build one from scratch it can cost a bit more, but it will also give you more customization options.

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