Laundry Room

Giving Life to Your Laundry Room

The Forbidden Room

If your laundry room is like mine it is the “ugly step-child” of rooms within our home. Nobody likes to go into the laundry room. We keep the door closed all the time so we don’t even have to see it. Finally, it is where all our junk goes. A kite that the kids played with one day might be thrown in there. Older comforter sets find their own space in there. Well… you get the idea; it is like the home to all unwanted things.

So… if we don’t even want to see that room. Imagine how we feel about doing the fun chore of laundry in it. Yuck!!!

Time to Upgrade

Yes, you read correctly. It is time to give that laundry room an upgrade and on a budget. You will be amazed what a little love can do to this forgotten about room.

Check out the below ideas to give your laundry room some life.

  1. First thing I want you to do is take everything out of your laundry room. Yes, everything!
  2. Now, go to Home Depot or Lowes and find a color hue that you just love and makes you happy. My suggestion, go for a nice yellow. If your laundry room doesn’t have any windows this will give it the look of letting the sun in.
  3. Don’t forget to buy all the tools needs to paint while you are in the store. Stop over to the appliance area, check out new washers and dryers. If your budget allows you to splurge, then do it! You’ll be happier doing your wash in more efficient machines and your electric bill will be lower too since new machines save more electricity when running.
  4. Now you have your paint, tools and maybe some appliances. Now get painting your laundry room!
  5. While the paint dries, go through all the things you removed in your laundry room. If you haven’t used it in the last year, then it is safe to say that you won’t use it again. Donate it, give it to family or dispose of it. We want this new laundry room to be clutter free.
  6. By now, the paint is dry and it is time to organize. Target always has great deals on storage shelves  that can be a great resource when tidying up.
  7. Once organized, it’s time for a little décor. If you have a window, spruce it up with a pretty curtain. Add fun wall décor to get you in the mood to wash and fold.

Can you see it now? Your potential new laundry room. It looks great. Let us know how your laundry room upgrade came out. We want pics!

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